Context element (<context>)

A context element contains information that helps users understand the background and purpose of a task.


<context>In this topic you will create a map 
to aggregate the topics you created 
in the previous chapter. 
The map is based on a template already provided.
The map file includes topicrefs to the topics 
you want to aggregate, process, and publish, 
and also a relationship table to link the included topics
a meaningful way. 
You will be working in the 
<filepath>MY_DITA_SOURCE/samples/groceryshopping</filepath> directories. 
This topic assumes you are familiar with the information in 
<xref href="../topics/aboutgroceryshopping_sample.dita" scope="local">
About the grocery shopping sample</xref>, 
and that you have created the topics according to the instructions 
in <xref href="../topics/topics.dita" scope="local">Topics</xref>.</context>
<cmd>Go to the <filepath>groceryshopping/template</filepath> directory.</cmd>