A map is an aggregation of the topics in a DITA document, with the topics arranged as a list or a hierarchy.

DITA documents can have multiple maps or sets of maps for a given document. For example, a software product available for both Windows and Linux might have two maps, each specifying the topics to include in that document version. As another example, a large, complex document might have a master map that included multiple submaps, specifying the topics to include in various "chapters" and "sections."


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- (c) Copyright 2006-2007 by VR Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. -->
<!DOCTYPE map PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Map//EN"  "../dtd/map.dtd">
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<map id="customizing_map" title="Customizing your published output">
<topicref href="customizing.dita">
<topicref href="condproc.dita">
<topicref href="aboutcondproc.dita"/>
<topicref href="condproc_using.dita"/>
<topicref href="addmeta.dita"/>
<topicref href="filtcontent.dita"/>
<topicref href="flagcontent.dita"/>
<topicref href="showrev.dita"/>
<topicref href="css.dita"/>
<topicref href="xslt_processing.dita"/>
<topicref href="xhtml.dita">
<topicref href="xhtml_overview.dita"/>
<topicref href="xhtml_headerfooter.dita"/>
<topicref href="xhtml_frameset.dita"/>
<topicref href="pdf_cover.dita"/>
<topicref href="customizing_ditablogs.dita"/>
<topicref href="customizing_formoreinfo.dita"/>
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