Step element (<step>)

A step element is a micro-task that a user needs to perform to complete a more high-level task. For example, three of the steps in making a peanut butter sandwich might be finding the peanut butter jar, opening it, and spreading the peanut butter on a piece of bread with a knife.


<context>If you are new to DITA and DITA Open Toolkit, 
we recommend that you follow these steps to get started.</context>
<cmd>Read the topics in  
<xref href="../evaluating/evaluating.dita" scope="local">
Evaluating DITA and DITA Open Toolkit</xref> 
for suggestions on how to evaluate for use in your environment, 
and how to choose your initial pilot project.</cmd>
<cmd>Be sure your system environment meets the requirements in 
<xref href="../release_current/sysreqs.dita" scope="local">
System requirements and supported applications</xref>.</cmd>