Adding metadata to elements

Before using these attributes, work with your team to agree on a consistent set of values for use across your information set.
Use these attributes when you have content within a topic or a map that applies to only one or some of the products, platforms, or audiences for the topic or map as a whole.
  1. Find the element for which you want to provide information. If there are not attributes you need in the element, create a new element inside it, like a <ph>, which can hold the attributes instead.
  2. Enter the attribute (for example, audience or platform).
  3. Add a value or values to the attribute. For example, audience="novice-admin expert-user" or platform="wintel".
  4. Optional: For audience or product, add an equivalent element to the prolog metadata. You can provide more information about your audience or product values in the topic's prolog, inside the metadata element. To ensure consistency, you can define the elements in one place for the entire information set, and then reuse them in topics that require them by using the conref attribute.
Metadata attributes are inherited: they apply to any elements they contain, as well. In a table, metadata for a column applies to all the cells in the column.