Adding a product logo to a PDF2 cover page

There are several ways to change the output to include a company or product logo image on the cover page of the PDF output file.

Including an image reference in a bkinfo title

If you are using the bookmap/bkinfo specialization to produce a PDF book, you can place an image on the cover page by including an image in the title tag like this:

<ph>First title phrase</ph>
<image href="xxx.jpg" placement="break" />
<ph>Another title phrase</ph>

Overriding the Idiom FO XSL stylesheet processing

It is also possible to modify or override the FO processing of the Idiom plugin. The way to do this is described in the file ./demo/fo/Customization/README.txt. To add an image to the cover page you can override cfg/fo/layout-masters.xsl by including these XML statements:

<fo:simple-page-master ...>
<fo:region-body ... background-image="artwork:/foo.png" .../>


The image can also be included by overriding front-matter.xsl by adding an XSL statement like this:

<fo:external-graphic src="/path/to/images/my_logo_file.pdf"/>