Showing revisions

  1. Create a DITA filter file in the directory to which you want to add the file. Give the file a descriptive name, such as "audience-flag-build.ditaval".
  2. Open the file, and type this content into it:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
    <val> </val>
  3. Define the revision you want to show:
    1. Add a new property for flag by adding a new line <revprop val="" style="" action="" date=""/>".
    2. Type the name of the revision you want to show. For example, "rev1".
    3. Enter the date of the revision, or the date it started or ended. For example, "05-10-11".
    4. Define how the revision will be flagged in XHTML: either by images or colors.
      • Type the value of style if the revision will be flagged with color, either by using the RGB codes or color. For example, "#008040" or "Green". Type the value of action. For example, "noflag".
      • Enter the value of action if the revision will be flagged with image. For example, "flag".

      Use images instead of color to ensure that your output is flagged consistently and accessibly. Color works only for flagging phrase-level information, and cannot be distinguishable to color-blind readers, on monochrome displays, or once an online page is printed.

      If both style and action="flag" are used, the revision will be flagged by both of them.

    5. Enter the character to use when flagging the revision in PDF. For example, "A".
      Note: Revision indication for PDF output will be specific to each implementation. See the documentation for your preferred FO/PDF output transform as to whether conditional markup and revisions are supported and how.
    You need to define a separate property for each revision you want to show. For example, if you want to show two revisions, you would need to define each separately. You can define more properties by following the steps above. The final .ditaval file with the example values should look like the following:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
      <revprop val="rev1" style="Green" action="noflag" date="2006-10-08" />  
      <revprop val="rev2" action="flag" date="2007-10-16" />
  4. When you publish output from the topic or map, specify the filter file you want by using the parameter /filter:{args.input.valfile} for the output options.