Directories and files in the ditaot directory

When you have installed DITA Open Toolkit, the following directories and subdirectories should be in your root ditaot directory.

Directory Description
root (ditaot) System-level Ant scripts and other system files (for example, conductor.xml, build.xml, and integrator.xml). System-level scripts handle DITA source file processing and transformation into published output. They are an integral part of DITA Open Toolkit and should never be modified by users. For more information, see About Ant scripts.
ant Ant scripts that can be used as-is to process sample files or modified for your use.
css Sample CSS (cascading style sheet) files.
demo Specializations, plug-ins, and validators that demonstrate extensions to the base DITA language. Includes:
  • book: bookmap specialization
  • elementref: simple element reference description markup
  • enote: data object specialization
  • faq: faq (frequently asked questions) specialization
  • fo: plug-in files to produce PDF output
  • FrameMaker_adapter: plug-in to produce a structured FrameMaker (7.0+) input file
  • h2d: plug-in to convert XHTML to DITA topics
  • java: validators for DITA schemas
Many of these directories have README files that provide information about how to use the specializations.
doc DITA documentation: language reference and application notes.
dtd Core DITA definitions in XML DTD format.
lib Contains dost.jar, the executable .jar file and other .jar files it depends on.
plugins DITA Open Toolkit plug-ins.
resource Miscellaneous resource files, including the default (common) CSS files and error messages.
samples Sample DITA source files and Ant scripts.
schema Core DITA definitions in XML Schema format.
tools Ant 1.6.5 processor.
xsl Core and process-specific stylesheets. Includes:
  • common: stylesheets that can be used by any process (for example, internationalization)
  • docbook: stylesheets used in converting DITA source content into DocBook source
  • preprocess: code for conditional, conref, and link resolution
  • troff: stylesheets used in converting DITA source content into troff source
  • xslfo: code to support the processing of Formatting Objects (FO) output
  • xslhtml: code to support XHTML processing
  • xslrtf: code to support RTF processing