System requirements and supported applications

System requirements

DITA Open Toolkit is written in Java and requires at least a minimal set of Java applications be installed. Java SDK 1.4.2, 1.5, or 1.6 must be used to execute the applications and the Toolkit Java code.

It is highly likely that any operating system environment where the supported Java SDK can be installed will support basic Toolkit functionality. The Toolkit has been successfully installed and used on Windows XP, Mac OS X, various UNIX and Linux distributions including FreeBSD, Ubuntu Linux, NexentaGNU/OpenSolaris, Solaris, and other operating environments.

Some optional applications can be installed and run only on Windows, for example the HTML Help compiler.

Required tools

Note: All of the required tools except the JDK are bundled in the full package installation. For more information about the installation packages, see Installation considerations

The following tools are required to use DITA Open Toolkit at the 1.3.1 release level.

Java Development Kits (SDKs)
Sun. You can download the Sun JDK from
IBM. You can download the IBM JDK from
Ant 1.6.5. You can download Ant from
Either the SAXON or Xalan XSLT processor
SAXON 6.5. You can download SAXON from
Xalan-J 2.6. You can download Xalan from

Supported languages

DITA and DITA Open Toolkit support the languages listed in the following table.

Language xml:lang value
Arabic ar-eg
Belarusian bg-bg
Bulgarian be-by
Catalan ca-es
Chinese (Simplified) zh-cn
Chinese (Traditional) zh-tw
Croatian hr-hr
Czech cs-cz
Danish da-dk
Dutch nl-nl
Dutch (Belgian) nl-be
English (Canadian) en-ca
English (UK) en-gb
English (US) en-us
Estonian et-ee
Finnish fi-fi
French fr-fr
French (Belgian) fr-be
French (Canadian) fr-ca
French (Swiss) fr-ch
German de-de
German (Swiss) de-ch
Greek el-gr
Hebrew he-il
Hungarian hu-hu
Icelandic is-is
Italian it-it
Italian (Swiss) it-ch
Japanese ja-jp
Korean ko-lr
Latvian lv-lv
Lithuanian lt-lt
Macedonian mk-mk
Norwegian no-no
Polish pl-pl
Portuguese pt-pt
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-br
Romanian ro-ro
Russian ru-ru
Serbian sr-sp
Slovak sk-sk
Slovenian sl-si
Spanish es-es
Swedish sv-se
Thai th-th
Turkish tr-tr
Ukranian uk-ua
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